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Febelfin is the Belgian Federation of the financial sector and consists of five sub-associations: the Belgian Association of Banks and Stockbroking Firms (BVB), the Belgian Association of Asset Managers (BEAMA), the Professional Credit Association (BVK), the Belgian Association of Stock Exchange Members (BVBL) and the Belgian Leasing Association (BVL).

Febelfin vzw/asbl defends the interests of all its members: major banks, non-major banks, niche players, non-bank financial institutions and organisations, infrastructure suppliers, etc. It tries to reconcile these interests with those of policy makers, supervisory authorities, other professional associations and the national and European pressure groups. Febelfin vzw/asbl acts as spokesperson for the financial sector as a whole (with the exception of insurance companies).

Since 1850, the National Bank has played the role of central bank in Belgium. It carries out tasks of general interest at both national and international level.

Euronext is a pan-European stock exchange that offers various trading and post-trade services.

The Financial Services and Markets Authority strives to ensure the honest and equitable treatment of financial consumers and the integrity of the financial markets.

LCH SA is a Continental European clearing house, offering clearing services for credit default swaps (CDS), options on CDS, repos and fixed income, commodities, cash equities, and equity derivatives.

Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions, as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities. In addition to its role as an international central securities depository (ICSD), Euroclear also acts as the central securities depository (CSD) for Belgian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Irish, Swedish, and UK securities.

BEAMA is the spokesperson for the Asset Management sector in Belgium.

Centre of knowledge and reflection in the financial and economic fields.

Financial sector training institute.

Ombudsfin is a qualified entity for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes in financial matters.

The Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association  is a professional association

representing the venture capital and private equity  community in Belgium.

The association aims to :
to bring together financial institutions active in private banking and their private bankers and to organise the private banking profession;
to ensure the qualification and professionalism of members active as private bankers, by promoting standards, practices, norms of professional ethics and deontology in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions;
to promote knowledge and recognition of the status and profession of private banker;
to develop a post-graduate training cycle adapted to the private banker’s profession;
to act as a representative body at national and international level.

The European Banking Federation is the voice of the European banking sector.

EFAMA is the representative association for the European investment management industry.

The Federation of European Securities Exchanges represents the operators of European regulated markets.

The EU Roundtable of Financial Centres is an initiative to promote the creation of a common EU financial market as well as strengthening cooperation and exchange regarding financial services between EU member states.

FEB, the voice of business in Belgium, promotes an optimal business and investment environment.

EFSA is a forum of European Securities Associations for information sharing and fostering mutual understanding. EFSA itself is not a legal entity but a self-organising informal working-group. As such, it also helps to deliver joint messages on policy issues in European securities markets to policy makers, regulators and supervisors who we hope might benefit from such a coordinated approach. EFSA complements the existing activities of its member-associations. EFSA maintains active collaboration with sister associations in Europe and worldwide and is open to further partnership with similar counterparts.