Information session: presentation of the book « Manuel de la Taxe sur les opérations de bourse »

15:04 01 juin in Article

Febelfin organizes, in collaboration with Joyn Legal and Athémis, an information session which will be dedicated to the presentation of the book “Manuel de la Taxe sur les operations de bourse”. It will be held on 16 June 2017, from 9:15am to 12am at KBC Auditorium Herman Teirlinck.

The tax on stock exchange transactions is one of the most ancient forms of taxation in Belgium. However, the mechanism behind it is relatively unknown, because, until recently, only Belgian financial intermediaries were liable to pay the tax.

In 2017, when the scope of the stock exchange tax was extended to cover transactions executed through financial intermediaries abroad, Antoine Dayez and Mathieu van Overeem (lawyers, Joyn Legal) decided to gather all the information on the topic in one book. It is an innovative and unique reference book.

During the information session, the authors will present their work and you will be informed about the latest news on the stock exchange tax.

You will also have the chance to purchase a copy of the book. As for now, it is only available in French.

Here you can find further information on the book.

All event information and the registration form can be found on the event site.